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3 New Approaches to Worry Better

An interesting article and well worth a read.

3 New Approaches to Worry Better

Free meditation

Mindfulness. The mindfulness book by Williams and Penman contain some mindfulness meditations that can now be accesses for free.

Free Meditation

Compassionate Mind

Our critical selves often get in the way. That critical voice we hear can slow us down and stop us from doing the things we want to do. Perhaps developing a more compassionate voice for ourselves may be the answer.


ACT for Young People

Have a look at these 3 animations.  These animations teach some great skills.


What Albert said.

My client quoted Albert Einstein this week.  She then kept this as a reminder on her phone.  

Maybe its time to try something different?


UKPTS on Trauma

Another interesting resource for professionals and the public on trauma.


ISTSS on Trauma

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies - A good source of information for understanding trauma related experiences.


Is mental illness real?


An interesting article in theguardian highlighting the need to shift our focus to one that validates the lived experience of people who are suffering, however they choose to understand their pain.


Heads Together.  This is a mental health campaign led by The Royal Foundation in partnership with YoungMinds and seven other charities.  It is very much aimed to challenge mental health stigma and change the national conversation on mental wellbeing.  Take a look.


ACT on your anxiety.

Acceptance and Commitment therapy, is not only great partnered with CBT but it can be applied solo, to achieve those rich and fulfilling goals.

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